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Business Consulting

Bridgeicon works both as a consulting partner and a solution provider with it's customers, guiding them through the process of identifying key requirements, exploring the various options before delivering solutions in an efficient and economical manner. Combining detailed domain knowledge with proven development and delivery capabilities, our solutions meet the specific requirements of individual customers.

Key Features :

  • Helps clients achieve these objectives in the areas of marketing, business operations and technology.
  • Focus on delivering cost savings and improving business processes to our customers.
  • Offer cost effective software development services and products in the offshore development model.
  • Range of services extends across the entire spectrum of the software development lifecycle.
  • Possess extensive domain knowledge in the Banking, Travel, Educational and Financial Services.


At Bridgeicon, we believe client involvement is an important ingredient in the creation process. However, the way we work with our clients means we allow you to be involved as little or as much as you like, depending on your own personal levels of expertise and of course time restrictions. Here is step-by-step breakdown of how your product is created, from the early planning stages to final delivery.

1. Client Brief:

A meeting between Bridgeicon and the client is arranged. The design features, projects deadlines and budgets are among the things that are discussed. We will then work on the proposal and if we require any more details, we will contact the client for further information.

2. Proposal:

After we have discussed the requirements, we provide the client with a proposal. The proposal will contain the full specifications, the projects deadline and the final price.

3. Approval and Contract:

Once the client is satisfied with the proposal, a contract is drawn up and signed so the project can be commenced. In most cases, an initial down-payment (usually 25% - 50% of the final price) will be paid by the client before work on the project commences.

4. Design, Programing and Development:

We will continue to design and develop the product to meet your full requirements.

Design and Development Process:

We execute development in AGILE methodology.

EAR Phase: In this phase we understand your business and provide business solution. We develop model and proven concepts for designed solution. During this phase we visit client location frequently to understand their business and develop high level design.

Iterative model: Development executed in iterative model, by the end of each iteration, developed work is demonstrated to the clients. QA( Quality Assurance) is validated by our team against the completed modules during this iteration.

5. Evaluation:

In this phase of the project application is deployed to client servers and Clients carry out testing on the application. The application is thoroughly tested for errors, bugs and restricted areas are double checked to ensure they are properly secure from any unauthorized entry. If at this stage the client decides to include more features, then request are taken based priority and business risk.

6. Final Delivery:

Once application is ready to go live, Application is deployed on the production servers of the Client.

7. Maintenance:

Most of our applications are created with an admin control panel which allows you to easily modify any images or text without the need for any programming skills whatsoever. However, if you prefer for us to make the changes for you, we can put you on a maintenance package or charge you on an hourly basis as and when you require changes. One thing you can always be sure of is that Bridgeicon will make sure your application a success and if you have any problems on the way, we will resolve as earlier as possible.