Complete IT Services

Technology has come a long way since the beginning of human kind, from simple tools to high end satellites the journey has been a magnificent proof of human abilities. The different genres of Technology have been well received and complimented with immense research and development.

Bridgeicon IT Services are a technically seeded Company that has witnessed and grown with the mammoth of Information Technology breakthroughs in our modern world. We are a group of proficient team members guided by innovative energies to create software application of all shapes and sizes. Our forte waves successfully in the various domains that need software solutions and these include Travel, Banking, Energy & Utilities, Educational and Financial domains.

  • IT Services

    IT Services

    Bridgeicon is specialized in innovative IT solutions and complex software projects development. We combine fundamental algorithmic research activity with practical applications in programming, web development & integration, multimedia development, custom IT systems design, testing and consulting. We execute projects based on AGILE methodology. Through this tight integration of basic and applied activities, we managed to be at the forefront of the IT process.

  • Cloud Computing Services

    Cloud Computing Services

    Bridgeicon Simply the Cloud , It provides on demand, computing resources from all kinds of applications to data services over the internet based on pay-as-you-go payment packages.
    Use of software's, networks, storage spaces and remote servers in abundance to its availability is a feature that Cloud computing has blessed the internet world for various businesses depending on it. Cloud computing involves deploying groups of remote servers and software's that allowing data to be stored and used by applications in the centralized system. Bridgeicon has tied up with world class Cloud Application vendors for its cloud computing services.

    • ~ Flexible Resources.
    • ~ Pay as you Go.
    • ~ No Separate Data Centre worries.

  • Digital Marketing Services

    Digital Marketing Services

    Traditional Marketing has branched to various new means and one amongst these types that has changed the face of marketing is Digital Marketing. The Advent in Internet and its streams has created a countless opportunities for Advertising a Brand.
    Internet has been the most productive means for developments that has engaged users to its immaculate features of online systems and Social Networking. Mobile Network has furthermore added to the phenomenal wave of Digital Marketing.

      Digital Marketing Helps:
    • ~ Being online helps Brands and Companies build.
    • ~ Build Reputation.
    • ~ Increase Customer Awareness.
    • ~ Promote Products and Services to targeted consumers.
    • ~ Use Advanced Graphical Technologies for better Understanding of Product Features.
    • ~ Bridge the Gap between Customer Feedback and Product Support.

  • Professional Content Writing Services

    Professional Content Writing Services

    Words are a collective bead of characters, and each character holds a different sound and a unique identity, pictorially defined to distinction and phonetically serene, these words are the formative dots to a never ending wave of sentences that form each time with a new collection, a new meaning and a new emotion.

    Writing since the evolution of the first written forms has skewed into different formats in scripts based on the influence of regions and religions. However varying be its form yet the emotions in writing is something of one sort that has a taste which remains to likeliness to every reader or the writer himself.

    We at Bridgeicon have a consortium of writers working to collectively bring out the aroma of writing to the end users taste and liking. Every content that is written from our creative heads has been well received and applauded by all our clients ranging from royalty, corporate formals to simplicity.